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Air filters are not only helping to keep your fridge fresh, they also help remove unwanted odours that can change the taste and smell of your food. That’s why it’s important to replace your air filter at least every 6 months.


How to install your filter

Replacing your air filter is easy and no special tools are required. Refer to the user manual of your appliance for full instructions.


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Check model compatibility

Find out below if your fridge model is compatible with this filter.

Why should I change the air filter regularly?

You trust your fridge to keep your food fresh. The air filter helps you to regulate and maintain the whole freshness in your fridge. It works hard to absorb odours from strong foods like fish and onions, preventing those odours from affecting the rest of your food. By replacing your filter every 6 months you also help prevent food waste and you can keep your food costs down.

Why choose a genuine filter?

The air inside your fridge is constantly being recirculated to keep it cool and preserve your food. Each time the air circulates in the fridge, it goes through the air filter. Unilux air filters are recommended by Electrolux and Westinghouse. They are made with high quality carbon technology to remove unwanted odours, helping to keep your fridge fresh and hygienic for up to 6 months. Watch the explanation video here.


Model compatibility

The following models are compatible for the ULX221 replacement air filter. Check the label on your fridge to find out if your model is compatible.

WHE6170 609L French Door Refrigerator
WHE6270 619L French Door Refrigerator
WQE6870 609L French Door Refrigerator
WHE6874 609L French Door Refrigerator
WHE7074 619L French Door Refrigerator

EQE6870 609L French Door Refrigerator
EHE6899 609L French Door Refrigerator