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Dual Layer Anti-Flood Inlet Hose - 1.5m


Universal 1.5m Anti-Flood Inlet Hose safeguards your home against flooding with its anti-flood technology. The hose features a double layer which instantly stops water at the source if a leak or burst is detected. Suitable for most Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines and Dishwashers which do not come with a flood-protection device.

Suitable brands:
AEG, Dishlex, Electrolux, Simpson, Westinghouse
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Dual Layer Anti-Flood Inlet Hose - 1.5m (ULX105)



Safeguard your home for peace of mind

Anti-flood system stops water instantly at the tap if a burst hose or leak is detected, preventing excessive water usage saving you water and money.


Dual layers for flood protection

If the internal hose leaks the outer layer contains the water so you can finish the cycle without any damage.


Operating pressure 300psi/2100kPa

Higher operating pressure means less risk of a burst or leak


Convenient 1.5m hose length

The Unilux anti-flood hose gives you the additional length you need to accommodate most spaces, without having to compromise on safety.


Cleaner water in you wash

The hose includes a debris filter for a cleaner wash.


No tools required for installation

Quick and easy to install, featuring a hand tightened fitting on the hose.


Suitable for hot or cold water

The hose suits water up to 90 Degrees C. Which means its perfect for higher temperature cycles.


Suitable for most brands

Suitable for most most Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines and Dishwashers which do not come standard with a flood-protection device.

Tips & Tricks

To avoid personal injury, use correct equipment and ask for assistance when moving appliances if the machine is heavy or awakwardly placed
Do not use any tools or thread tape to attach the hose as over-tightening may cause a leeak
If your hose is not easily accessible you will not be able to proceed with the installation


Domestic warranty details (yrs)
Product Relates to
Dishwasher, Washing Machine
Install, Perform, Care
Accessory Other Features
3/4" threaded hose, Flexible hose, Suitable for models from most brands, May require assistance moving appliances when installing, Mechanical auto cut-off, Suitable for hot or cold water
Compatible Models
WSF6602XA, WSF6602WA, ESF6102XA, LF9C1612AQ, T8DHC876C, FSE51600ZO, ESL51600ZO, ESL79200RO, ESF97400ROX, ESF97400RKX, ... FFE73600PM, FFE73700PM, FFE93800PM, FEE74600PM, FSE93000RO, FSE73800RO, FSE73700RO, FFB53600PM, FFB51600ZM
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Compatible PNCs
914550701, 916098934


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