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Replacement Water Filter- Internal



Internal replacement filter fitting. Instant refreshment with clean tasting, fresh filtered water. Genuine Electrolux & Westinghouse filter replacement.
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Replacement Water Filter | How to change your filter | Unilux Australia

Replacement Water Filter


Enjoy pure, fresh water and ice straight from your fridge.


Quick and easy to install


Replace every 6 months or less for best results


Great tasting, fresh filtered water & ice.

Reduce taste, odours and cloudiness from your drinking water and ice.


Fresh water at the touch of a button

Enjoy easy access to cold, fresh water and ice straight from your fridge.


Pure water. Peace of mind

The replacement water filter cartridge reduces chlorine, metallic taste, cloudiness and odour from your water and ice. Replace as recommended so you and your family can enjoy pure, clean water all year round.


Watermark certified*

This means it is certified for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. NSF Tested and Certified to AS/NZS 3497 and AS/NZS 4348 for substance reduction.


Genuine water filter replacement

Filters that are specially designed with activated carbon to attract the contaminants, trapping them inside as the water passes through the filter resulting in fresh, pure tasting water and ice.


Easy half yearly replacement for optimal performance

It is recommended that you replace your filter every 6 months, or as required, depending on your fridge water usage.


Quick and easy filter installation

It's as simple as 'twist and replace' with your new replacement filter.

Tips & Tricks

We recommend you change the water filter every 6 months or less to ensure the highest possible water quality.

You can also gauge when your water filter needs replacing by the water flow being reduced when in use.

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Domestic warranty details (yrs) : 1

Product Relates to : Refrigerator, Fridge

Install, Perform, Care : Perform

Accessory Other Features : Quick & easy installation, Model specific - check for compatibility